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A Stop on the Stage Route


A new book about the history of Granton, WI

This new book, debuting autumn 2016, follows the creation and development of Granton, Wisconsin, 1845-2016.

From its humble beginnings as the village of Mapleworks through its relocation further northwest and its renaming in the early 1890's, the story of Granton weaves a tale of lumbermen, early pioneers, merchants and educators.  

The reader will encounter, among others, Charles Cornelius, who would rise to the upper echelons of banking, Phillip Kemmeter, whose family succeeded in various commercial ventures, only to encounter a series of tragedies later in life, Walter Molderhauer, a tinker and inventor, Augusta Samson, whose vision of a library was a life-long dream, Ella Gardner, a rural artist and Francis Steiner, a molder of leaders.

Told as a chronological narrative, the tale begins in December, 1845 and proceeds up to the summer of 2016.  Included with the text of this 196-page softcover volume are well over 400 photos and illustrations, many in publication for the first time.  

Covering both distant and recent history, the book makes a wonderful addition to a local history or Wisconsin history collection.



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