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Southern Potteries Blue Ridge Dinnerware: A Primer for Collectors Old and New is the latest guide to feature the wonderful folk art treasures of this innovative, east Tennessee pottery.  Unlike many other brands of antique, collectible pottery dinnerware, collectors of Southern's Blue Ridge line are still uncovering never-before-seen patterns, designs and shapes nearly 60 years after the pottery's closing, keeping collectors hunting for that next unique item.


This book has new items of interest for the long-time collector and contains invaluable information for the collector who is just starting out and who wants to get up-to-speed quickly.

  • History of the pottery
  • Production methods
  • Dinnerware shapes, including newly uncovered "official" shape names
  • Vintage photos: interior/exterior of factory, production, retailing, including those not shown in any previous book
  • Advertising and marketing materials
  • Detailed text pertaining to individual items and lines
  • Explanations of what is common or rare and why - important for new collectors
  • Full-color photos of more than 1,360 dinnerware patterns and accessory items, grouped for easy reference
  • New patterns and items not shown in any previous book
  • Current price guide
  • Chapter on other collectable Erwin, TN, area potteries that made similar items
  • 224 pages
  • Softcover
  • Spiral bound - lays flat or folds back on itself for easy use


What collectors are saying:


- Thank you , Jay.  The book is great.  I have all the other BR books & this one is the best by far!  K.M., ALabama

- I got my book yesterday! I’m thrilled with it. Thanks for putting such a top rate book together.  A.D., Pennsylvania

- I love the way it's organized and has a very complete quantity and quality of information.  It's one of the very best on the subject.  K.W., California


- Well done.  More pics and info than I have seen in others.  A.R., Ohio


- It's a lovely book.  You did a great job!  B.L., Wisconsin


- I've been reading and enjoying your book which I bought at the October Blue Ridge Pottery Show.  It is absolutely worth every penny and maybe more.  The book is so well organized and informational.  C.R., Tennessee


- It's well written and puts what you need right at your fingertips.  We had no problems finding what we were looking for.  J.B., Tennessee


- It is just spectacular.  You did a great job.  I just love all the pictures.   E.M., Wisconsin


- I really like your Blue Ridge Book.  I enjoyed it so much that I would like to buy another for a relative.  R.F., Ohio


- Really got to look over your book upon returning home.  You did a great job and your BR book by FAR is the best ever published!  D.B., Georgia


- Well presented and a pleasure to read.  I love the way you've laid out the pictures and the photography is superb.  My husband has enjoyed reading the historical section of the book.  D.M., Michigan


- I like the layout and the new information.  Nice job!!  K.L., Minnesota


- I've been enjoying your book thoroughly and using it to identify some things that have been sitting around.  B.H., Minnesota


- Very pleased with my Blue Ridge book.  I have several other books, but your book is my favorite.  It shows so many things that the others don't did a great job.  D.D., Alabama


- It is very nicely done.  M.G., Minnesota


- My wife loves the book!  T.S., Wisconsin


- I received a copy of your book last week.  It is wonderful.  Thank you for taking the time to publish the wealth of info on Blue Ridge Pottery.  A.K., Indiana

- Your book arrived safely.  It's awesome, thank you!!  K.R., Michigan

- Got my book, love it!!  You did an incredible job with it which is not surprising.  S.N., Alabama

- I am impressed with your book.  It's well organized and I went through it cover to cover!  K.M., Louisiana

- I received your book on Blue Ridge and wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE it!!  It has so much information, tons of pictures, very well organized... plus I love that it is spiral bound.  I know that I will be using it for reference for many years to come.  L.M., Ohio

- Got my book and it is awesome! Thank you!  D.L., Tennessee

- A belated acknowledgement of receiving my Blue Ridge book. It arrived on schedule and I have been dazzled by it. Love the history and details of the pottery making process - even my husband was interested! I am overwhelmed by the large number of patterns created over the years. I've been inspired to expand my collection and improve my documentation of what I have. Thank you!!  M.C., Michigan

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