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"Soaring High"

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A pole shed at the home of Don and Donna Boyung, N2895 County Rd W, displays a quilt consisting of geometric quilt squares along two sides, with the remainder depicting a pheasant flying over a fence.
Don noticed other barn quilts in the area and decided that when their shed was completed, he wanted it to display a quilt.  The Boyung’s daughter, Cadie Strey of Neillsville, decided to make him one as a surprise Christmas present.  She researched the quilt-making process and sought out design ideas from the wide array of internet barn quilt sites.
Since her father is an avid hunter, she elected to create her own design depicting a pheasant.  “It was an ambitious choice,” recalled Cade, “since it took a lot of patience to get the colors right so the pheasant would look real from a distance.”  Cadie named her quilt pattern, “Soaring High”.


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