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"Christmas Tree"

Vines Christmas Tree farm, at W3579 Ridge Road just southwest of Granton, has a few surprises awaiting holiday shoppers seeking to buy or cut their own tree this year.  The property’s iconic 100+ year old barn received a facelift this summer, having been resided and roofed.  In the fall, family members helped to hoist an appropriately tree-themed barn quilt into place.  Kris Vine Bowditch noted, “I’d seen barn quilts during past trips to Door County, and then noticed a quilt appear on a neighbor’s barn.”  She learned of the Granton Quilt Trail and visited its quilts; the family subsequently decided their barn should host a stylized Christmas tree pattern, designed by family member Jon Kirschhoffer.  A light will be installed so the quilt can be lit at night for passersby and evening shoppers to enjoy.


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